Italian food. Who doesn't sigh when they hear that? Pizza, pasta, fresh produce, basil, rich, red tomatoes, gelato, coffee, mozzarella....One of the best  things about the Campania region is their food - I mean we're talking about the place that invented the Pizza Margherita!

Tuna & Lemon Linguine - from the restaurant La Cisterna on Capri

Tomatoes taken at a small grocery-type store in Positano

This was actually taken in Rome but just thought as we're on the subject of food....

And this was taken in square of chocolate for 3.5o euros!

Fritelle salate napoletane - a Campanian dish that is fried pizza dough, cheesy rice croquettes and fish served with a tomato sauce. We've tried to make this at home but it didn't taste anywhere near like this. Must be the flour! Or the Campanian atmosphere!

Positano again - wonder where the bananas come from?

And last but not least....the best coffee on the planet - a café in Positano


  1. That chocolate looks incredible! I'd love to visit Italy, I love Italian food so much. Great blog.

    1. Thanks Amy! Yes, that chocolate had as all drooling at the shop window but we didn't buy any - we were on our way to dinner in Venice. It's the size of the squares that amazed me - they are huge!
      I hope you get to visit one day - it is such a special country and as you can see, I am totally in love and planning my next visit.


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