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Amalfi Coast Walks - Ravello to Atrani and Amalfi

There is a little known but enchanting pathway from the eagle's nest of Ravello that ducks and weaves down crumbling pathways, past ancient stone walls and alongside family gardens and grapevines. It is a pathway from where you have the sapphire Amalfi Coast at your feet and not a single person in your way.

In an increasingly crowded Amalfi Coast you can find hidden gems - see my post here:

On my last visit in October 2017, I found another hidden gem. The path from Ravello to Atrani and Amalfi. Everyone's heard of the Path of the Gods from Bomerano to Nocelle - that trail that takes you literally above the clouds - but this one takes you on a 'staircase of the Gods'. 

I started in Ravello by taking the bus from Amalfi. It's easy - just wait at the far side of the Amalfi bus terminus and look out for the locals - loaded with shopping bags - and follow them because when the bus to …

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