Bella Positano

Can any other place on earth be more exquisite?

Yep - it REALLY does look like this. It's Positano.

How many times have we seen this place, enchanting and beckoning from movies, books and postcards - tormenting us with its beauty until we can no longer resist? Yes, I've seen 'Under the Tuscan Sun' - agog as Diane Lane sits side saddle on a little motor bike and is whizzed up this tiny road:

And swept into the arms of Raoul Bova (google him...and drool). I've also seen many recipe books, calendars and postcards featuring this area and thought - no way - it cannot REALLY look this good - my sceptical eye was looking for faults  when I hopped off the ferry from Capri in October 2012 - but secretly hoping to find none. Well, it did not disappoint. In fact, Positano spoke to me and said 'hey girl, this is the stuff of your dreams, I'm going to immerse you in my beauty and you'll never forget me'. me back, I'm waiting.

Gelato coloured houses tumbling down the mountain

The view through the breakfast room window of Pensione Maria Luisa

 Vege gardens clinging to the hillside - probably the best basil and tomatoes you've ever tasted

This is the communal terrace of Pensione Maria Luisa - 85 euros per night for THIS view (note my Lonely Planet guide book on the table - thank you Lonely Planet - you found us this place!)

The narrow walkway to the terrace (see above) but look at the view!

Fornillo Beach - wear your water shoes! And it's a 300+ stair walk from Pensione Maria Luisa - but SO WORTH IT

Arriving from Capri - my first glimpse - "just like the brochure"

This is where we stayed - Pensione Maria Luisa - perfect in every way

View south from our terrace

View from the terrace - for 85 euros !!

The entrance, no traffic, so quiet, and the lovely Carlo waiting to greet you

Our favourite restaurant Saracen D'Or - they cross the street with your food - best pizza and free limoncello

Fornillo Beach - Will these feet take me back to Positano??

EDIT: September 2016. Pensione Maria Luisa now charge 95 euro per night for a terrace view room. And yes, those feet went back to Positano four more times since this original blog post.


  1. No, there is no place as exquisite as "our" Pos! :-)

  2. You bet Engred! These photos are from my first visit back in 2012. This year I remember feeling that same sense of wonder that a place could be so beautiful. I hope that feeling never gets old as I plan to go back time and again - as you do.


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