Positano to Capri - Day tripping Part 2

Capri is easy and convenient to access from Positano. Simply hop on the next ferry and go. Ferries depart from the small dock on Spaggia Grande and are about 18 euro one way.  Why go to Capri? There is so much to see there from ancient history to five star beach clubs to natural wonders like the Blue Grotto. I've been to Capri quite a few times but never from Positano, so a sunny day beckoned and off I went.

Positano's dock - you buy tickets from the little kiosks on the left

Once you arrive on Capri, you'll be at the Marina Grande port. There is a gorgeous little beach here just to the left of the funicular ticket offices.

Beach at Marina Grande. It's free to swim here and has access for the disabled with a ramp leading onto the sand. 

To explore further, take the funicular (2 euro one way) up to Capri Town and explore the little piazetta. Lots of pretty cafes with hefty prices but seriously, who could resist a cocktail in this charming location? Jackie Kennedy was one who loved it here.

My objective today was to explore the ancient Villa Jovis, home of Emperor Tiberius and the location from where he ruled the Roman Empire in the last decade of his life. The ruins of his luxury villa are a peaceful and unimaginably pretty walk along Via Tiberio, past some sumptuous views and private residences. I had no map - I just followed the signs and absorbed the beauty.

Most of Capri is pedestrian pathways only although you do see the locals taking little electric buggies that double as buses. I saw one of these buggies loaded with ancient Roman statues on their way to another destination. I was so astonished to see that, by the time I tried to snap a photo the little buggy had turned a corner and disappeared.

Above and below - a peek inside the gates of two of the many palatial villas on Capri. Imagine being lucky enough to call this home?

The walk to Villa Jovis was enchanting. I passed no tourists at all - just locals and a few hardy hikers with their sturdy shoes and walking poles. The Villa is in ruins - to be expected considering it's over 2000 years old. It costs 6 euro to enter and there is an audio guide available (which I chose not to rent and in hindsight I wish I did as the ruins contain next to no signage).

View of the Sorrentine Peninsula and Amalfi Coast 

This is apparently the area where Tiberius would throw anyone who displeased him to their death. If the poor unfortunate survived the fall, allegedly Tiberius had henchmen in a boat below finish them off. And Tiberius was one of the more 'sane' Julio-Claudian rulers so the historians say.

I explored the villa for an hour or so - it's quite small and won't take long (there are some stairs). Some areas were blocked off as there was a film in production, so cameras, lights, cables, people with clipboards looking important and extras sitting around in paradise waiting for their call.

Film crew at work (above)

I returned to Capri Town via the same pathway and enjoyed the same stunning views and lack of crowds. There are tiny shops like this one (below) to grab yourself a cool drink.

As it was quite a wait for my ferry back to Positano, I had a lovely lunch in what could have been a 'tourist trap' down on Marina Grande right on the water. The lunch cost just 21 euro - no service charges or hidden extras - and a view like this.

A front row seat for people watching on Marina Grande.

My ferry back to Positano left at 3.45pm so I had time to mooch about the shops, have a gelato and even get a new band for my tired Capri watch from the original Capri watch shop.

There are many, many choices for a day out on Capri. You could also visit Anacapri and take the chairlift to Monte Solaro, visit the Blue Grotto, take a hike to the forts dotted along the western coastline, take a boat trip to the Faraglioni Rocks, visit the Villa of Axel Munthe or simply have a five star lunch and swim at a beach club. This link will help you plan your day out from Positano.

Link to my previous post on Capri (2013)

This link will help with ferry schedules from Positano 

Enjoy your day, whatever you do, and remember it's an easy trip from Positano.

Travelled October 2017


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