The Amalfi Coast and its hidden gems

See this image? If you look closely you'll find the place I stay when I go to Positano - Pensione Maria Luisa. It's history is truly interesting. It was one of the first hotels opened in Positano in the 1940s and is still owed by the same family. Carlo will greet you and do anything to make your stay special. Sure it is rustic and definitely no frills but you come to Positano to relax and stand in awe at the scenery, right? Well there is no better place to do that. Here are the details:

Definitely a hidden gem despite featuring prominently in the Lonely Planet guide book on Italy and the Amalfi Coast. I've stayed there four times with the fifth coming up in September 2017. The view and the location keep me coming back - and the cheap prices at just 90 euro per night for a room with a terrace. See my other blog posts:

Of course there are far more hidden gems on the Amalfi Coast. My last trip in September 2015 showed me quite a few. The Coast is famous for its 'Path of the Gods', the magnificent trail that runs from Bomerano to Nocelle where you will find exquisite views like this:

There are many unknown walks on the Amalfi Coast and one of them I explored is called Il Vallone delle Ferriere (or the Valley of Iron).

This is my son and his friend Robert. The walk passes crumbling traces of ancient stone Paper Mills like this one.

The walk begins at the back of Amalfi. Follow the signs to the Paper Museum and take the road to your right. The path begins up a set of stairs and skirts many lemon farms such as these (above and below).

Lemon farms on one side and ancient paper mills on the other.

The path then moves into a 400 hectare nature reserve with many endangered plants and animals. The river Canneto flows and it is possible to swim in the waterfall (photo below).

It is possible to walk all the way to Ravello but we doubled back to Amalfi and took the ferry back to Positano.

View of Amalfi as the ferry leaves.

Note the above photos are missing something? That's right. Hordes of people and on the day we did this walk, a cruise ship was tendering passengers to Amalfi so it was pretty crowded. The Valley is a true hidden gem. More information is here:

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