Languid, seductive, alluring - Positano and Amalfi

According to myth, the sirens that attempted to lure Odysseus were located on the Amalfi Coast. Their home was apparently the three tiny islands you can see if you are high on the escarpment in Positano, whilst looking out on a view unimaginably beautiful. The little islands are located off to your right and are a curiosity. I've often wondered what they are called. They blend in with a coastline that is impossibly beautiful. Odysseus had to plug his crew's ears with wax to avoid their temptation by the Sirens - he was probably also trying to avoid their being tempted to jump ship and take up residence in this part of the world that can only be described as heaven on earth.

October 2014 was my third stay in Positano (my fourth visit as I did a day trip in January 2013). Again, I stayed at Pensione Maria Luisa as I'll take a 90 euro per night stunning view over somewhere three times that price. That way I can spend my saved euro on food, sun lounges, ceramics and shoes.

Our trip was originally three nights but we extended it to four to wallow in the extended summer and blissful weather. The first three days were simply beach, food, swimming, cocktails, spaghetti puttanesca at Saraceno D'Oro, limoncello and savouring the view. The view that will never fail to leave me grappling for enough words to explain. Take a look.


 Above and below - views from the terrace
 Room 1 at Pensione Maria Luisa, Positano
Taken just before sunset as the golden light illuminates the south

 Above and below - Fornillo Beach - pure emerald water - dive under, pop up and really are here

The day we arrived, we headed straight down to Café Positano. Some breakfast and THAT view was just what we needed after four hectic days in Paris and London. can feel the stress leaving your skin and floating away into the atmosphere.
Sam's second trip to Positano. How lucky for a 14 year old Australian kid from the South Coast of NSW (we are two hours south of Sydney and live in a very quiet seaside village). Sam settled in to Positano like an old hand. All over again he loved the view, loved the food and loved the beach.

Above and below - sunrise. I dragged my tired butt out of bed and snapped these on the iphone before disappearing back under the covers. Well...Positano beckons you to marvel, relax, eat and sleep. Who am I to argue?

And this is the 'classic' view - as seen in postcards, movies and everyone's imaginings. This was taken from Bruno - a restaurant perched on the side of the road but take your glass of wine, sip and revel in the bliss.

(Above) This is Spiaggia Grande - in other words 'Big Beach'. Positano's main beach which I've yet to swim at - as I've been spoilt by the cosiness of Fornillo. But hey - look up and check out that VIEW!

From Pensione Maria Luisa to Fornillo Beach there are 436 of these - yep - 436 stairs.
Don't count. Just stop and rest like Sam did.

And at the end of the day - or after taking on those 436 stairs - one is in need of some refreshment

Of course Positano is popular! I stay in a quiet part where you see the odd tourist but mostly locals. This is the busy reality of the pedestrian area of Positano where Via Pasitea dips and then rises to join the main road to Amalfi. This tour group are on their way to see Santa Maria Assunta (Positano's church) and the beach - with some shopping along the way

But hey, you gotta stop for GELATO. Sam is making his selection from the gelataria. See the above photo - see the Tabacci store? The gelataria is next door.
Positano is so exquisite that I simply have to search the thesaurus to find words that describe how it makes me feel. I can't get enough. People ask me why I keep returning. See above photos. Maybe you can answer them for me.
Kathy 2014


  1. I got flashbacks of the beautiful Positano reading this! Thank you! Cindy.


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