Bay of Naples - Best of Procida and Capri


It may be the smallest of the three off the Bay of Naples and it's certainly not the superstar of the pack but what Procida lacks in star power it makes up for in authenticity, uniqueness and pastel crayon-box perfection. Come visit - stay a few days - you'll never forget this island.

Sunrise over Marina Corricella


Spiaggia di Chiaia (Chiaia Beach)

La Conchiglia Restaurant on Spiaggia di Chiaia



Where we stayed: La Casa sul Mare - 120 euro for a double room with a sea view and terrace
Where we ate: La Conchiglia on Spiaggai di Chiaia - the hotel organised for a boat to pick us up at Marian Corricella and take us over there. About 80 euro for two including wine.
Highlight: Sunrise on Sunday morning. Exploring the old prison. Just revelling in the stunning beauty and no tourists - it was end of season - late October 2013.
The uber-posh sparkling jewel in the Bay, Capri is designer stores, expensive cocktails and views Emperor Tiberius abandoned Rome for. Stray off the beaten tourist path and you'll find a wild, rugged limestone island perfect for hiking and incredible photographs. 


Where we stayed: The Hotel La Floridiana

 The chic designer boutiques in Capri Town

 We rented a private boat for a tour around the island - It was 120 euro for half a day - sadly the hot guy in the blue t-shirt wasn't included
 Entrance to the Blue Grotto

Faraglioni Rocks
Where we stayed: Hotel La Floridiana, about five minutes from the Piazza Umberto in Capri Town. It had a beautiful pool and some rooms have amazing views.
Where we ate: We had dinner at La Cisterna tucked away off the Piazetta. Wonderful night and the owner (Salvatore) has his photo on the house wine.
Highlights: Day one we just relaxed in the pool and went to dinner. Day two was Blue Grotto and an unforgettable boat ride around the island. We were not on Capri for long enough. Stay longer and savour this gorgeous, glamorous place.


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