Positano = Perfetto

Well, here I am feeling like a giant sloth after a huge Christmas Day with the family. It's summer in Australia and I live across the street from the beach - this is my home:

In order to feel less like a sloth and more like a sleek athlete, I like to run along this beach at low tide and do some serious thinking and planning.
My thinking and planning always leads me back to Bella Italia. I run and rationalise about maxing my credit card and taking another quick trip in January while school is off for the whole month. Doesn't matter to me that it's winter over there. I love puffa coats, scarves and boots! But the one thing that puts me off maxing out that card is this - Positano will be desolate and empty.
I love Positano. I can't believe such a place can exist. It actually looks like the calendars and recipe books. It lived up to my expectations and actually exceeded them (see my other post - Bella Positano - my previous trip in October 2012).
In October 2013 I was lucky enough to go back for three more days, this time with Sam. Again, I chose to stay at Pensione Maria Luisa - for it's rock bottom budget price and its location - high enough to get those amazing views but a bit away from the well-trodden tourist path. This - yes THIS - is the view from the terrace. (N.B. Kitty is the house cat who pays a visit now and then and lolls on the terrace totally underwhelmed by her surroundings):

Just get to the bend in the road on Viale Pasitea called the 'nativity corner' and then look for this sign:


So, what did we do there? Well....we travelled 16,000km to go to the beach and eat. That's all.

Too much effort to raise one's  iphone and snap this perfect view so I didn't even bother sitting up
 It's late October 2013 and still warm enough to swim

And the food - Spaghetti Puttanesca from Il Saraceno D'Oro and their home made chilli sauce in the little blue bowl.
View from the street-side tables. Saraceno D'Oro is all fairy lights and candles at night. Very pretty!
Sam on the pathway between Fornillo and Grande beaches.
When I look at this photo I get that sharp intake of breath - this is IT! The Amalfi Coast

My little Aussie boy - used to the sandy beach (above) but still game enough to tackle the stony Fornillo Beach - without shoes

Taken from our terrace at Pensione Maria Luisa - a sunset so exquisite I was blinking back the tears while taking this photo. It was so quiet you could hear people talking on the boats below.
Looking right (north) from the terrace
Taken while I was out walking - the other side of Positano

The water is emerald. It really is.

A little kitty visitor totally at home on the beach

The sun lounges are bare - people are heading home
And Sam and I had the last drinks for 2013 at the Il Pupetto beach bar - it was closing for the season

This is our terrace - Sam patting the resident kitty in the foreground and there is all our swimwear drying out - but look at the view - SIGH.....
Sunny day (tick), summer dress (tick), Nastro Azzuro glass empty (tick)

Positano streetscapes

Spiaggia Grande

Sam swimming in the land of the mermaids - Fornillo Beach

Thanks to the nice American guy from Boston who stopped and took this for us.
Hiding away in the blue shopping bag is my purchases from Umberto Carro - which included a Christmas ornament - which is now on my tree at home and beckoning me to return to Positano.
I will be back
How can you resist?


  1. Kathy, I feel the same way about Positano - love it, love it, love it! The apartment we rent is not far from you hotel, I think. 37 days until I return!

  2. Engred! Thank you for your beautiful comment! I think by now it should only be days until you are back there ! Hope it's an amazing time!


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