Why you should stay here - perfect places in Rome and Venice

Ahh, the eternal question. What do we want?
- Quiet location
- BUT near restaurants
- cheap
- BUT close to transport
- away from all the tourists
- BUT near the sights

Yeah, we were the same. When choosing where to stay in Rome, my ONE thing that was not negotiable was a terrace. Hmmmm....I hear your thoughts - a terrace? What about proximity, peace, restaurants....?
Yep, it was a terrace. But serendipity being what it is, not only did we get a terrace, we got a terrace on one of Trastevere's most picturesque streets in one of its most charming areas. We were so lucky  - minutes from Santa Maria and minutes from the Tiber.

The garden on the terrace with the view from one direction.....and....

from the other direction - we loved going up here after a long day sightseeing

View from Via del Cedro looking up - our apartment was actually the whole building!

And this was also a view from our terrace - great statue was a bonus

This was our street - Via Del Cedro - at night a little restaurant 'popped up' - only twice in our five nights - from the second archway on the right - and later on we read about 'our' restaurant in the New York Times!

From our front door in the other direction

And the terrace at night - pink sunset and prosecco- perfect!

When choosing our hotel in Naples - first time it was the view from Posillipo so for Naples, it was the 'bite' out of the Bay of Naples I wanted to see. The water, Vesuvius, the city in all its glorious splendour.

View from Posillipo - near Best Western Hotel Paradisio

Naples at night from Best Western Hotel Paradiso terrace

When choosing a location in Venice (yes, I haven't covered Venice yet but we did go there) it was all down to location - Grand Canal front nothing more, nothing less.
Canal view Hotel Principe's bar

View from our room no. 122

One of Hotel Principe's suites - my family and the canal view - WOW!


 How do we choose where we want to spend a miniscule but infinitely memorable part of our short time on this earth?
Choose carefully, and listen to your heart. It tells you all you need to hear.


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